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Decentralized Cooperation

7th Forum on decentralized cooperation

Belgium – Romania

Timisoara, Romania, October 03-05, 2019.

Decentralized cooperation is a supportive partnership between foreign local and regional sub-national organizations. Its main aim is to promote common prosperity and consolidate local development and territorial governance.

Decentralized cooperation is considered as any project, initiative, or partnership between at least one Belgian and one Romanian sub-national organization (public authority, semi-public, NGO, educational institute, …) in order to promote sustainable local and regional development.

In 2019, the 7th Forum on Decentralized Cooperation Belgium-Romania will take place in Romania. The HQ of the Timis County Council / Timisoara in Romania will host this year’s edition from October 03 to 05, 2019. It will be a challenging opportunity to discuss the state of play of the decentralized cooperation in a changing Europe: Europe 2020 opportunities.

Timisoara will be for this 7th Edition of the Forum on Decentralized Cooperation Belgium-Romania a “mine of ideas” for future collaborations between local and regional groups. The Steering Committee, which includes ADR-Vlaanderen, OVR-WB, TON, the embassy of Belgium in Romania, the Embassy of Romania in the Kingdom of Belgium, the Timis County and Prefecture, and BEROCC is also welcoming contributions from Opération Villages Roumains Solidarités (France) and OVR Moldova.

Background and goals 7th Forum Decentralized Cooperation Belgium-Romania:

  1. The first step to organize a forum on decentralized cooperation between Romania and Belgium was launched in 2005. Since then 6 forums were organized:

1st forum - Brussels (Belgium) - December 9, 2006

2nd forum - Slatina-Timis (Romania) - April 20-21, 2007

3rd forum - Arad (Romania) - November 5-6, 2010

4th forum - Leuven (Belgium) - October 25-27, 2013

5th forum - Iaşi (Romania) - November 5-7, 2015

6th forum – Mons (Belgium) - October 12-14, 2017

  1. For now 30 years Actiedorpen Roemenië Vlaanderen, Opération Villages Roumains and The Open Network for community development are the promoters of decentralized cooperation between Belgium and Romania.
  1. The main objective of the 2017 Forum in Mons was to build further on the conclusions and evaluations of the Forum in Iasi in 2015 and to strengthen the capacity of the local and regional actors in developing projects of decentralized cooperation.
  1. The result of the 6th Forum was an ambitious 2-year agenda for Decentralized Cooperation Romania-Belgium. The purpose of the 2017-2019 agenda is meant to strengthen, to reinforce, to renew and to deepen the (existing) decentralized cooperation between Belgium and Romania.
  1. The 7th Forum will be hold in a context of 30 years of decentralized cooperation. The 7th Forum aims to frame decentralized cooperation between Belgium and Romania within the Romanian EU presidency, the BREXIT, Europalia 2019 in which Romania is host country, 30 years after the revolution, 2021 Timisoara EU Cultural Capital and the post 2020 EU agenda. The 7th Forum wants to focus on the role of local decentralized action groups in implementing and realizing European and national priorities. This general topic will be further elaborated in working groups and focus meetings.
  1. European Post 2020 agenda – EU budget for the future – 2021-2027

The European Commission presented to the Council its proposals for the 2021-2027 multiannual financial framework and ministers had a first round of discussions on this topic. The purpose is: “The EU budget is a vital building block for the future of Europe, and an expression of our values and aspirations.”

This is translated into 6 domains (the most relevant in bold):

1. Cohesion and values

2. Natural resources and environment

3. Single market, innovation and digital

4. Migration and border management

5. Security and defence

6. Neighbourhood and the world

For each domain, there are several subthemes and a proposed program and budget

(see below). We have tried to group the topics of the forum around this domains and subthemes to have a strong connection towards the European priorities for the future.

  1. 1. Subthemes cohesion and values (the most relevant for the Forum)

1.1. Regional development and cohesion:

1.2. Investing in people (social, education, volunteer and media programmes)

1.3. European Solidarity Corps

  1. 2. Subthemes natural resources and environment:

2.1. Agriculture and rural development

  1. 3. Subthemes innovation and digital:

  1. 4. Subthemes migration:

  1. 6. Neighbourhood:

Relevant for collaboration with Republic of Moldova


Thursday October 03:

09:00 Registration Open

09:30 Economical Part: B2B meeting:

Welcome and introduction of the Forum: Jozef Goebels, steering committee Forum.

Economic Relations between Romania and Belgium with focus on business opportunities: English language.

  1. Some stories of companies / challenges:
    • VPK Packaging, Loredana Suiugan, HR Manager: VPK Packaging Group is a pioneering packaging supplier.
  2. Ebury, Financial solutions to grow your business: Chris Taprantzis, Sales Team leader and Constantin Ghita, Senior Sales.
  3. BioRacer – Racetex, Anca Stoicevici, Administrator: speed wear producer.
  4. Van Moer Logistics, Jeff Merckx, country manager.
  1. Round table:
    • Participants:
      • BEROBA/BEROCC, Belgian Chamber of Commerce: Alain Schodts, Executive Director.
    • Timis Chamber of Commerce.
    • FIT, Flanders Investment and Trade: Nicoleta Chirila, Acting Agent of post.
    • AWEX, Wallonia Export-Investment Agency: Anne Defourny, Economic and Commercial Counsellor.
    • ADR-Vest, Regional Development Agency West Romania: Raluca Cibu-Buzac, Director Direcția Politici Regionale și Internaționalizare ADR Vest.
    • Moderator: Alain Schodts, Executive Director BEROCC.

10:45 Coffee Break.

11:15 Economic Relations between Romania and Belgium with focus on business opportunities: continued.

  1. Collaboration with university – spinoffs (Innovative University and entrepreneurship):
    • Collaboration between companies and university:
      • Ciprian Man, Unifiedpost, country manager Romania.
    • Start-ups and entrepreneurship: business attractiveness and EU projects: European Academy Romania, Tommaso Busini, CEO.
    • Erasmus program: short introduction and possibilities for students and professors: West University of Timisoara: Oana-Roxana Ivan, Director Department for International Relations, Cristina Cojocaru, Head of Erasmus Office.
    • Scientific exchange and innovation:
      • Economical mission to Romania in 2019 of 160 students and 14 professors from the university college “HELMo Sainte-Marie” in Liège, David Royaux, delegate Wallonia-Bruxelles.
    • Signed protocol of the scientific exchange program 2019-2020 between the Romanian Academy, Wallonia-Brussels and The National Fund of Scientific Research, David Royaux, delegate Wallonia-Bruxelles, Belgium.
    • Moderator: Alain Schodts, Executive Director BEROCC.

12:30 B2B Lunch.

13:30 Registration open.

14:00 Opening of the Forum:

  • Welcome speech: President Timis County Council, Mr. Calin Dobra / Prefect Timis County, Mrs. Eva-Georgeta Andreas / Ambassador of the Kingdom Belgium in Romania, Mr. Philippe Benoit / Romanian representative.
  • General introduction by the organizers: Jozef Goebels, steering committee Forum.

14:20 Keynote speakers: Moderator: Mihaela Stanescu

  1. What is the position of Romania with regard to Europe:
    • Europuls, Centrul de Expertiza Europeana: Dumitru Oprițoiu, Project Manager Europuls.
  1. Need of reform Primary Health Care services in rural areas:

Moderator: Cristina Vladu, Ioan Suru.

  • The example of telemedicine implemented in the public emergency services, Dr. Raed Arafat, State Secretary Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • The Slatina-Timis documented Case Study with accent on where “added value” is brought and how they are penalized by the Health Insurance.
  • Mother and child services: Project prenatal care and postpartum care in disadvantaged communities in Romania (Prof. Dr. Cristian Furau, Vasile Goldis” Western University of Arad with expertise in Obstetrics, Gynaecology).

16:00 Coffee Break.

16:30 3. “30 Years after”: opportunities and challenges:

  • Film: “Un premier regard” (“A First Look”) on a first visit of a convoy in 1990 to understand the situation. Michel Debacker, OVR W-B. With short testimonials.
  • Relation Belgium – Romania 1989-2019, central and decentral: Ana Iriciuc, historian specialized in Belgian – Romanian relations.
  • Decentralized Cooperation: what’s in a name? Speaker: Johan Degrieck, former mayor De Panne, Belgium.
  • Introduction to the exhibition “30 years ADR-Vlaanderen”: Lettice Michiels.

18:00 Closing of the day: David Royaux, delegate Wallonia-Bruxelles, Belgium.

19:30 Cultural and Network event: together with BEROCC.

  • Europalia Romania 2019-2020: Dacia Exposition in Gallo-Roman museum Tongeren, Belgum: Lili Radulescu, Vatra Limburg/ADR.
  • Timisoara Cultural Capital 2021: promotion film.
  • Cultural event: Music.
  • Reception and networking > Belgian beers and Romanian wines, Belgian chocolates.

Friday October 04:

08:30 Registration Open.

09:00 Start workshops: Participants can choose 2 workshops, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

10:30 – 11:00 Coffee Break.

12:30 Lunch.

14:00 Start workshops: Participants can choose 2 workshops, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

15:30 – 16:00 Coffee Break.

Workshops Morning:


Burn prevention.


Civil Society.


Social Economy.



Workshops Afternoon:






Innovative Education.


Intercommunal cooperation:

17:30 Closing of the workshops.

Workshop 1: Improving quality of Primary Healthcare in rural areas; role of telemedicine services. Afternoon.

Keynote speakers:

  • Telemedicine in public emergency services: Dr. Raed Arafat, State Secretary Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • Improving health services delivery through telemedicine: SYONIC company Timisoara: Andy Kuglis.
  • ADAMSlatina-Timis example in using telemedicine: Ioan Suru, manager.
  • Improved access to services in rural areas through Telemedicine services: Fundatia de Ajutor Medical Prophylaxis, NGO: Dr. Dana Paica and Dr. Virgil Musta.
  • Needs of the Primary Healthcare system in rural Romania, National Society of Family Medicine Romania, Gindrovel Dumitra.

Moderator: Cristina Vladu.

Reporter: TON.

Workshop 2: Burn prevention & Burn Treatment. Morning.

Keynote speakers:

  • Organizing of Fire Prevention: Dr. Raed Arafat, State Secretary Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • SOS Fire! Erasmus Project: Jean-Pierre Arnould, administrator Belgian Burn Foundation.
  • Working on Burn prevention, Colectiv 30.10, Eugen Iancu, President.
  • New burn center in Timisoara, what’s the situation: Dr. Panche Taskov.
  • Reactivation of SVSU in rural area and working on burn prevention locally: Suru, TON.
  • Prevention actions and initiatives by ISU Banat: Lieutenant- Colonel Lucian-Vasile Mihoc, Chief Inspector.

Moderator: Cristina Vladu.

Reporter: Piet Henckens.

Workshop 3: Youth initiatives and how the influence policymaking. Afternoon.

Keynote speakers:

  • The advantage of youth movement for society: AGLT (Asociatia Grupurilor Locale de Tineret), Romania, Petyronela Sfetcu and Alina Hosu, national leaders.
  • Role of a county youth foundation to work on influencing policymaking: FITT, Timisoara, Mihai Vilcea, president.
  • Working on changes through exchange and cooperation: SOMEPRO, Belgium, Bart Wynants, director.

Moderator: Bart Wynants.

Reporter: Liesbet Henckens.

Workshop 4: Civil Society organizations: Policymaking and influences on local community.


Keynote speakers:

  • Role of the Romanian diaspora organizations in Belgium: Lili Radulescu, Vatra Limburg.
  • Role of the biggest elderly organization in Romania, CARP-OMENIA, Romania: Alina Perjoiu, head communication department.
  • From Regional Youth Strategy to National report for structure dialogue - How local initiative can influence European Policies, FITT, Timis County Youth Foundation, Mihai Vilcea, President.
  • Local Development in Cehu Silvaniei by CDL (Local Development Organization TON).
  • Accessibility and deinstitutionalization policies with the local and national authorities: CEVA De Spus, Timisoara, Szövérdfi-Szép Zoltán.
  • How working on policy influence from local men- and women organizations out: OLB and OLF Slatina-Timiş, OLB Armenis.

Moderator: Bart Wynants.

Reporter: Jef Vanhoof.

Workshop 5: Social Economy Initiatives and models. Morning.

Keynote speakers:

  • Rural foundation Romania, Cosmin Salasan: short chains in agriculture.
  • Social solidarity economy in Romania - citizens initiatives in area of responsible consumption, community supported agriculture & fair trade - CRIES, ASAT and RECIPROC: Mihaela Vetan, project coordinator.
  • An example of Social Economy from Moldova: "Gradina Moldovei", Mariana Seremet.
  • Facilitating access to information, training in the field of new information and communication technologies; environmental protection and ecological education; involvement of young people in community life: NGO Eco-Razeni, Maxime Visileac.

Moderator: Alina Scantei.

Reporter: Michel Debacker.

Workshop 6: Reconversion and ways of integrated housing / functions. Morning.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Ambasada (Timisoara), meeting place for fine people (NGO’s, freelancers, artists, musicians, passionate people, companies) with fine ideas: Andreea Iager-Tako.
  • MultipleXity, Centrul de Arta, Tehnologie si Experiment din Timisoara: Dan Bugariu, in charge of the Timisoara City project.
  • Renovation space for youth in order to fulfil European Youth Goal number 9, Youth Strategy, FITT, Timis County Youth Foundation, Mihai Vilcea, president.

Moderator: Andreea Iager-Tako.

Reporter: Mihai Vilcea.

Workshop 7: Innovative ways of education. Afternoon.

Keynote speakers:

  • Primary School as the result of a process of co-creation and dialogue between children, teachers, parents and the community: Scoala Babel. Monica Diaconu, academic coordinator and English teacher.
  • New ways of education: LIEN, Diana Draghici.
  • Together Working for Inclusion in Schools: TWINS project, Alina Scanteie, TON.
  • A guidance center for underprivileged children in Timișoara, Romania. Model of collaboration between private and city: Effata, Ionela Apostol, staff member.

Moderator: Moncia Diaconu.

Reporter: Alina Scantei.

Workshop 8: Communes and Intercommunal collaboration. Afternoon.

Keynote speakers:

  • Role Counties in setting up intercommunal collaboration: county of Timis.
  • Organisations of communes: A.Co.R. Timis.
  • Role of Gal’s in supporting communes and intercommunal collaboration: GAL Timis, Catalin Tiuch, president.
  • Johan Degrieck, former mayor De Panne, Belgium.

Moderator: Piet Henckens.

Reporter: Michel Debacker.

19:00 Dinner of the friendship.

Saturday October 05:

10:00 Evaluation and conclusions of the 7th Forum. Suggestions for the future.

12:00 Closing.

14:00 – 16:00 Touristic events: Organized by County Timis.

  • Historical Guided City Tour Timisoara: walking. Registering needed.


Romanian Embassy

in the Kingdom Belgium.

Timis Prefecture.

Timis County