Bij de registratie kiest elke deelnemer 2 workshops die hij wil volgen. Eén voor de voormiddag en
één voor de namiddag. Hieronder volgt een korte beschrijving van elke workshop.






Thuiszorg en langdurige hulp :

  • Evolutie en het voorbeeld van Bunesti Bunesti
  • Wetsvoorstel over langdurige hulp
  • Iasi Health Consortium.
  • Film aging French embassy?
  • Cristina Vladu, Ioan Suru, …

Cristina Vladu / Ioan Suru


  • Cristina Vladu, Ioan Suru:

Invite also some MPs or decision makers from the Insurance House or the Ministry of health (i.e. Secretary of State Grasu in charge with telemedicine) to comment on the possible reimbursement of the telemedicine services.

Cristina Vladu / Ioan Suru

Need of reform Primary Health Care services in rural areas:

  • The Slatina-Timis documented Case Study with accent on where added value is brought and how they are penalized by the HIH
  • Mother and child services:
  • project prenatal care and postpartum care in disadvantaged communities in Romania (Prof. Dr. Cristian Furau, Vasile Goldis” Western University of Arad with expertise in Obstetrics, Gynaecology)
  • Agapedia
  • Cristina Vladu, Ioan Suru, Pedia Prof. Dr. Cristian Furau, Agapedia

Invite representatives of the family doctors association: a panel, included Johny to discuss a desired model of PHC care in rural areas. This would imply a list with needed changes of the framework contract as well as other possible incentives through the MoH.

Representatives of MoH/ NHIH/ MPs should also be invited to this subject.

Cristina Vladu / Ioan Suru / Jozef Goebels / Piet Henckens


  • Burn prevention & Burn Treatment + visit burn center Timisoara?
  • SOS Fire! Erasmus Project.
  • Collaboration ISU – SVSU.
  • B Burn Foundation
  • French Embassy
  • Colectiv 30.10
  • Sioen?

Jozef, Cristina Vladu, …

Civil Society:

Youth AGLT

  • AGLT

Maria Pruteanu, Bart, Patrick

  • Civil Society organizations: Policymaking and influences on local community?
  • Collaboration between Civil Society locally as pressing and strength locally and regional.
  • Examples !!!
  • OLF / OLB /CLD
  • Femma
  • OKRA
  • Homecare
  • Vizidom
  • Landelijke Beweging



  • Social economy agriculture
  • Short Chain
  • GAL
  • Petru Ivanovic
  • Mihaela Vetan,
  • CRIES (Timisoara) selling of vegetables, cheese, social café.
  • EcoHerbal




  • Spaque
  • Anina as model?
  • Ambasada (Timisoara)
  • Models in Timisoara?




Innovative Education

  • Scoala Babel
  • Hora (National Organization Ro?)
  • Lien
  • KUL
  • TWINS (Together Working for Inclusion in Schools).

Jozef, Monica Daicu, …

Effata: a guidance center for underprivileged children in Timișoara, Romania. Model of collaboration between private and city.

  • Effata / Roel Geboers
  • City of Timisoara


Erica Stark? Arad


  • Intercommunal cooperation: examples.
  • Policy making.
  • Role Counties.
  • The Western Alliance: an institutional initiative aimed at drawing funds from the European Union budget for the economic development of the western part of the country.
  • A.Co.R.
  • VVSG ? WB ?
  • Mayor of Timisoara