In 2017, the 6th Forum on Decentralized Cooperation Belgium-Romania will take place in Belgium.  The Grand Hornu / Mons in Belgium will host this year’s edition from October 12 to 14, 2017. It will be a challenging opportunity to discuss the state of play of the decentralized cooperation in a changing Europe:  Europe 2020 opportunities.


In Europe, it seems that the economic crisis is tackled, but another kind of crisis appears. This time a crisis of trust: a distrust in institutes and politics at the European level.  On the other side, decentralized cooperation has proven to strengthen the people-to-people contacts, to support solidarity actions, to facilitate transnational volunteering and to contribute strongly to the concept of an Europe of citizens. Besides bringing people together, organisations and policy makers, the Forum aims to provide the Europe Union with building blocks for decentralized cooperation as a flexible instrument for a better understanding between citizens of Europe.

The Belgian Province of Hainaut and its capital city, Mons, are, for many reasons, the appropriate venue for the Forum, which will take place on the 10thanniversary of Romania’s accession to the European Union and the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome.

The province of Hainaut is positioned South West of Belgium – a region in the past very well known for its mines and industry – where the reconversion to an Industry 4.0 re-established economic and social progress.

Mons and The Grand Hornu will be for this 6th Edition of the Forum on Decentralized Cooperation Belgium-Romania a “mine of ideas” for future collaborations between local and regional groups. For this edition, the Steering Committee, which includes  ADR-Vlaanderen, OVR-WB and the  Embassy of Romania in the Kingdom of Belgium, is also welcoming contributions from Opération Villages Roumains Solidarités (France).

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We look forward to seeing you in the inspiring Grand Hornu in October 2017!
The Forum Steering Committee
Actie Dorpen Roemenië Vlaanderen           
Opération Villages Roumains                  
Embassy of Romania to Belgium